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Project Dogwaffle + The Programming Language Lua

DogLua - Project Dogwaffle Lua scriptable interface

DogLua is a scriptable interface for Project Dogwaffle, a painting and animation tool by Dan Ritchie. It provide an environment for experimenting with image processing algorithms, using Lua as the scripting language.

DogLua it's largely inspired by gluas, by OEyvind Kolaas, and try to be as compatible as possible with it, providing a similar syntax for the basics pixel manipulation functions.

DogLua main window


Just unpack in the same folder of Project DogWaffle.
Then DogLuaEdit will show up in the Misc tab of the plugins panel.

DogLua in the plugin list

Here's a quick summary of the available functions. Check the reference section for all the details.

gluas compatible API
v = get_value(x, y)
set_value(x, y, v)
r, g, b = get_rgb(x, y)
set_rgb(x, y, r, g, b)
r, g, b, a = get_rgba(x, y)
set_rgba(x, y, r, g, b, a)
h, s, v = get_hsv(x, y)
set_hsv(x, y, h, s, v)

gluas-like API
y, u, v = get_yuv(x, y)
set_yuv(x, y, y, u, v)
y, i, q = get_yuv(x, y)
set_yiq(x, y, y, i, q)

Project Dogwaffle API
Dog_MessageBox(textline1[, textline2][, textlinen])
Dog_ValueBox(title, caption, min, max, default)

GUI Server API
GUI_AddControl(Type, Caption, value, min, max, flags)
index, value, string = GUI_WaitOnEvent()
value, string = GUI_GetSettings(index)
GUI_SetSettings(index, value, string)
GUI_SetList(index, value, string)


Here's an example of a simple script to generate a negative image:

 -- negative (from a gluas sample)   

 local x, y, r, g, b

 for y = 0, height - 1 do
   for x = 0, width - 1 do
     r, g, b = get_rgb(x, y)
     r = 1 - r
     g = 1 - g
     b = 1 - b
     set_rgb(x, y, r, g, b)
   progress(y / height)

A slightly more complex filter for a user selectable threshold effect:

 -- Simple threshold

 local level, x, y, v

 level = Dog_ValueBox("Threshold",
         "Choose level", 0, 100, 50if level >= 0 then
   level = level / 100
   for y = 0, height - 1 do
     for x = 0, width - 1 do
       v = get_value(x, y)
       if v > level then
         v = 1.0
         v = 0.0
       set_value(x, y, v)
     progress(y / height)

Have a look at the local gallery for some cool effects.
You can check many others in the "gluas examples" gallery. Most of them can be run in DogLua now, with no modifications. Also, be sure to have a look at the very good "Image Processing with gluas - introduction to pixel molding" tutorial at gluas' site.

Other scripts can also be found on the Artweaver site, for witch there's a Lua plugin that also provide a compatible syntax for the core functions.

Last but not least, don't miss the DogLua page at The Best 3D witch feature a nice gallery of Lua scripts for various effects.

For a quick start on Lua, instead, you may refer to the Lua Tutorial section of the lua-users wiki, in addition to the official Lua home.


DogLua v0.61b, 196KB ZIP - Alternate mirror at, link


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Change Log

DogLua v0.61b - 22/09/05:
+ Editor & DogLua runtime splitted as two separate exe.
+ Now use LuaJIT, based on Lua 5.1
+ Vast speed improvements: 3x is common
+ DogLua output errors on standard output, to be parsed by any editor
+ DogLuaEdit will position the cursor on the correct line if there is an error
+ Progress bar updating more efficent
+ GUI Server panel auto close on exit, auto open when a GUI_WaitOnEvent() is issued
+ GUI Server GUI_AddLogo() search in DogLuaScripts folder if no path is specified
+ Lua helper: decimal2rgb() function to convert values returned by GUI Server Colorbox

DogLua v0.59b - 11/09/05:
+ GUI Server API: GUI_SetSpacing, GUI_SetList, GUI_AddLogo
+ Dogwaffle API: Dog_SaveUndo, Dog_RestoreUndo
+ gluas-like API: set_yiq, get_yiq
+ Lua helper: hex() function to convert an hex string to a number
* Fixed a bit the getter & setter for YUV colorspace

DogLua v0.58b - 05/09/05:
+ gluas-like API: set_yuv, get_yuv (mimic gluas's ones, but for YUV color space)
+ GUI Server API: GUI_SetCaption, GUI_AddControl, GUI_OpenPanel, GUI_WaitOnEvent, GUI_ClosePanel, GUI_GetSettings, GUI_SetSettings

DogLua v0.57b - 02/09/05:
+ Dogwaffle API: Dog_GetTotalFrames, Dog_GetCurrentFrame, Dog_GotoFrame, Dog_GetBuffer, Dog_ShellExe
* Alpha was checked even if disabled

DogLua v0.56b - 29/08/05:
+ Deatailed Lua errors reporting
+ gluas API & vars: get_hsv, set_hsv, bound_x0, bound_x1, bound_y0, bound_y1
+ Window can be resized

DogLua v0.55b - 25/08/05:
+ Plugins panel progress bar
+ Dog_ValueBox function for getting input from user
+ Added menu accelerators keys

DogLua v0.54b - 21/08/05:
+ Abilty to run a script (source & bytecode) from the command line
* Fixed a memory leak when refreshing

DogLua v0.53b - 20/08/05:
+ The "New" menu option now reset the Lua state
+ Pixel writing operations now check for alpha
* Now works with both PD Pro and the free version

DogLua v0.52b - 18/08/05:
+ Dogwaffle API: Dog_Refresh
+ gluas compatible API: get_rgba, set_rgba, flush
* Open file... now start in the correct folder

DogLua v0.51b - 16/08/05:
+ Monospaced font in code window
+ Standard Lua libraries (math, table, strings, etc.) included
+ Added "Save As..." option
- Changed from filter to misc plugin

DogLua v0.50b - 15/08/05:
+ First working version released!