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7 December 2023

Latest TrID library of filetypes definitions update: 16800!

5 September 2022

Now over 15,000 definitions!

3 June 2021

Now over 14,000 definitions!

19 October 2019

Now over 12,000 definitions!

16 June 2019

Website migrated once again.

26 December 2018

Now over 11,000 definitions!

17 May 2018

Website migrated to a new server. Thanks to Consult Area for the hospitality!

29 April 2018

KEEP CALM and we are over 10,000!

27 September 2017

Now over 9,000 definitions!

30 April 2017

Today SeqBox is trending on GitHub, after reaching the front page of Slashdot!

4 April 2017

Updated SeqBox - Sequenced Box container, v1.0.0.

14 March 2017

New: SeqBox - Sequenced Box container
A single file container/archive that can be reconstructed even after total loss of file system structures.

11 January 2017

Now over 8,000 definitions!

6 August

Now over 7,000 definitions!

29 April 2016

TrID is now available as a Telegram bot too: TrIDBot!

4 April 2016

Small update for TrID!

27 January 2016

Update for TrIDNet, that now use a new directory structure for the filetype's definitions (under the subdir defs).

3 January 2016

Small update for TrIDNet for better compatibility with older systems.

5 August 2015

Now over 6,000!

9 April 2015

A new version of TrID is ready! Now it can show the Mime type, and work with a file list from stdin.

30 March 2015

Added a 64bit version of TrID for Linux.

16 March 2015

New version for TrIDnet.

16 March 2015

Update for TrIDScan.

27 February 2015

Now over 5,500 filetypes definitions!

25 February 2015

Released a new, improved and cross-platform version of TrIDScan, coded in Python, under the AGPL 3.0 license.

24 February 2015

Updated HdRen utility.

3 November 2014

Added a new utility: HdRen.

12 May 2013

New tool added: mpcABX.

14 March 2013

Added the PyTt Python module to control a Triggertrap Mobile dongle.

21 January 2013

A big milestone reached today! Over 5,000 filetypes in the library!
Thanks to all who helped sending new definitions - keep them coming!

14 January 2013

Latest TrID library of filetypes definitions update!

27 May 2012

Added TrIDUpdate tool to quickly download updated definitions packages.

16 May 2012

BubbleRand updated.

11 May 2012

Added a new page for BubbleRand, a command line driven photo bubbler!

23 April 2012

Released a new revision of the old XRK, with documentation in English.

19 April 2012

Added an English version of XRK pages.

7 December 2011

New minor update available for the Linux version of TrID.

24 February 2011

Minor update for TrIDLib and TrIDDefsPack.

14 February 2011

The brand new TrID v2.10 is out, for both Windows & Linux!
Check the change log and download it now! :-)

23 January 2011

Back from the dead: Online Hex Dump!

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